As debate continues how some prominent figures in the country acquired their PHDs, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has blasted Professor of Law Dawnwood Chirwa over the matter.

It all started with Professor Dawnhood Chirwa who questioned the doctorate degree of the Acting Inspector General of Police Dr. George Kainja.

The issue attracted debate on the social media with many expressing their reservation on the matter. Zikhale Ng’oma was also dragged into the mad.

Reacting to the matter, Zikhale Ng’oma also questioned Chirwa’s qualifications.

“I know you from my home village Chifira, you worked for Savjan and Company and when you failed to win cases here in Malawi, you ran away abroad as a lawyer and your father was a driver at Chinthetche.

“I wonder how you became a professor. You are a blamer, a narcissistic who has an inflated sense of self,” wrote Ng’oma

He added: “I don’t believe I can call you Professor Danwood Chirwa, because you are not genuine but fake..

You are trying to manipulate most Malawians and people from your village to make your way through, but most people have lost trust in you expect your friends who have proved genuinely their wits levels locally here, and you will rot in the wilderness.

“I know as your relation that you are suffering from inferiority complex, you have not succeeded in life and have no house at home and your relatives are relinquishing in poverty-stricken type of life, a man without purpose in life.”

Meanwhile Professor Chirwa has responded to Zikhale saying he is ready for a fight.

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