Members of a family at Kachele Village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mkumpha III in Likoma on Monday assaulted one of the health workers who went to collect blood samples from the members who lost a relative due to Covid-19 on Friday last week.

Likoma District Medical Officer (DMO), Matthias Londo confirmed of the incident saying one of the health workers was Monday morning assaulted by the family members.

According to Londo, a 60 year old woman who was a member of the deceased passed on at St Peters Anglican Hospital Friday last week, hours after she tested positive to Covid-19.

He said the family members refused to be taken samples for Covid-19 accusing the medical workers of spreading lying that their relative died of Covid-19.

“It is true one of our health workers was assaulted in presence of the man who invited us to go and get the samples.

We faced a lot of resistance from the deceased family members. We tried to engage the village head but we were not successful. On Sunday, our team went for sample collection but they were sent back,” Londo said

The DMO said the health authorities went further by involving the Member of Parliament (MP) for Likoma and one of the Ward Councillors to intervene and negotiate with the family members.

He said the family members gave in and allowed the health authorities to collect the specimen but the situation turned violent as the health workers were stoned upon arrival in the village regardless getting consent from the family through the MP.

“We have since reported the matter to police for assistance,” Londo added.

Likoma Police Publicist, Mcliff Ngulube confirmed that Police at the island have received the report and are yet to investigate and arrest for the suspects.

“It is indeed true, we have received the report regarding the assault and we are yet to make arrest the suspects,” he said.


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