A 24-year-old man in Kasungu has hanged himself after being confronted on the 16 bags of maize he allegedly stole from his mother’s house.

The deceased has been identified as Henry Mazuzo.

According to a report given by Selina Mazuzo,34, sister to the deceased, their mother left home and went to Balaka. It is alleged that their mother directed her brother(now deceased) to be staying in the house so that the bags of maize that were being kept in the house should be safe.

Since that day, it is alleged that Henry Mazuzo was spotted drunk everyday.

Selina, upon suspecting her brother, she confronted him and ordered him to surrender the keys of the house to her.This did not go well with him, as a result, he committed suicide by hanging himself in his house.

It has been discovered that he had sold 16 bags out of 37 bags which were left under his custody.

Postmoterm conducted by medical practitioners revealed that death was due to suffocation secondary to strangulation.

Mazuzo hailed from Mphonongo village, Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu District.

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