People were surprised after a lady sprinkled hot water on her boss after the boss tried to defile.

The lady claimed that her boss has been forcing to sleep with her. She said that the man has been convincing her to sleep with him.

She showed the messages he has been sending to her.

The 24 years old lady claimed that she has boyfriend and she can’t betray him with that old man.

The 48 years old man who is the owner of the hotel was burnt after he tried to defile the waitress.

The lady claimed that the man was trying to caresses her. She warned him but the man tried to force her.

The lady claimed that this happened in evening when they were closing the hotel.

The man freed other workers early enough and they were left with that waitress.

She claimed that she was not aware what the man was planing to do.

The woman claimed that she informed the man that she has a boyfriend but he rejected to listen.

The lady claimed that she has not worked in that hotel for long.

She said that she has worked there for three weeks.

It was claimed that the man forces new waitress to sleep with him.

People condemned his habit. The man was burnt on the back and chest.

He was rushed to the hospital.

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