The illegal movement of undocumented foreign nationals known as ‘border jumpers’ is worsening around the Beitbridge Border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This comes amid a crackdown by Harare on dissidents.

Hundreds of people cross illegally into South Africa daily to get to Musina and elsewhere.

Police and soldiers are seemingly unable to control them as they make their way through the recently constructed R37 million border fence.

Hundreds of undocumented Zimbabwean nationals cross the border into South Africa daily.

They illegally jump the borderline fence, walk through the bush to the N1 to get transport to Musina town and elsewhere.

Later on in the afternoon, they walk back carrying goods including groceries, using the same route back into Zimbabwe.

They do that during the day under the watchful eye of the police and soldiers who cannot control the influx.

The undocumented foreign nationals say they cross the border illegally as the economic situation back home is bad.

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