Thirty-eight-year-old security guard, Andrew Kiprotich has been arrested for allegedly squeezing the private parts of his friend Kipsang Chirchir for refusing to buy him more drinks.

Kiprotich is charged with the assault which it is claimed took place in September 26 within Jua Kali area of Nairobi.

On the said day police state that the two checked into a pub and after a few drinks Chirchir said he was running short of cash to throw in more rounds of drinks.

However, a tipsy Kiprotich took offense of the fact that he had been invited for drinks, only for his benefactor to start complaining that he didn’t have enough money after three bottles.

“When Chirchir stepped out to pee, the accused (Kiprotich), who was suspecting that he was trying to slither out of the pub, timed after he was done and grabbed him by the testicles, demanding more drinks,” reads the charge particulars.

Police say Chirchir fought to dislodge himself from his aggrieved friend’s grip to no avail, forcing him to scream for help when he feared he would pass out.

Revellers ran to his rescue and arrested Kiprotich. When he was arraigned before the Makadara Law Courts, Kiprotich denied the charge.

He said he was drunk and could not recall doing that. He was released on Sh20,000 cash bail.

He will be back in court on February 8, 2019 for hearing of the case.

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