By Orchestra Kamanga

The Founder and Managing Director for Battery World which is located in Trade Fair stand Number 38B, Leonard Kaka Chipanda has said people who are suffering from Diabetes are not advised to eat Nsima, Sweet Potatoes or Rice as those foods easily dissolves and causes a sudden rise of sugar.

Speaking in an interview, Chipanda said someone who suffers from Diabetes needs to eat proper diet (relish) like eggs, fish, meat vegetables or fruits.

He further said Diabetes patients can live normal life without medication but should have collect knowledge and information for the disease.

“With collect knowledge for the disease you can eat proper diet and you need to do regular exercises following that a person can live normal life,” he said.

Chipanda said he did research which shows that medication worsen diabetes situation and reduces glucose in the body.

“A person who suffers from the disease he or she has to take combination of food like proteins, health fats and vegetables,” he said.

Chipanda further said 30 percent of USA  population are suffering from Diabetes because of the food they are eating.

Diabetes affects immunity system and a lot of people are dying with the disease globally.

Chipanda tested positive with diabetes in 2007.


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