The Evangelical Association of Malawi says religious leaders have not been fully consulted in the new Covid-19 regulations that have been announced by government.

According to Reverend Zacc Kawalala, chairperson for Ethics Peace and Justice Commission of the association, the failure to consult by government on Covid-19 regulations would be less effective.

According to Kawalala, they view the development as a violation of their rights as they were only called into such a discussion during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regime.

Among other things, Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe said that any social gathering beyond ten people including religious gatherings has become illegal.

Silungwe has since emphasized on the need for compliance of the Covid-19 regulations.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development (CDEDI) has dragged government to court over the newly gazzeted laws.

According to CDEDI Executive Director Silyvester Namiwa, the newly gazetted laws have huge potential of suffocating citizen’s enjoyment of their human rights.

The developments come as so far, there have been 4,658 recovered cases of Covid-19 in Malawi

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