Veteran comedian Elson Soko popularly known as Anyoni on the MBC skit ‘Pamajiga’ is unwell. Soko has been unwell for some time due to a heart condition.

On Tuesday, Officials from MBC cheered him up at him home in Machinjiri in Blantyre.

“I have been part of MBC for a very long time and it has uplifted my life to this far. My journey with MBC had been interesting such that over the years, I became a household name and thus, regard MBC as part of me.

“With your support, I am hopeful that I will get better so that I continue where I stopped,” said Soko.

MBC Director General, Aubrey Sumbuleta told the press that Soko had played an important role in educating, informing and entertaining the nation, hence the need to be by his side until he gets back to his feet.

Sumbuleta then assured that he would ensure the artist is sent to a good hospital where best treatment is guaranteed.

“As MBC, we shall discuss with our mother ministry on how best we can help and take him to a good hospital for best treatment. We are optimistic that with the intervention, he shall be back on his feet and continue serving Malawians,” he said.


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