Over five hundred students expecting to graduate this year from Mzuzu University are expected to stage a vigil at their campus to force management give them their diplomas and degrees.

Mzuni has remained closed for close to four months since government ordered closure of schools as preventive measure for spread of Covid-19.

The students who are from three faculties of education, environment and information and technology who were expected to graduate early this year have thus had their graduation postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Andrew Maliro, publicity secretary of the affected students said the students are losing out on a number of opportunities due to instituons holding of their papers.

He said “some of our colleagues are failing to apply for jobs while others are failing to get promoted and worse still others are failing to apply for continuation of their studies.”

However Maliro said following various engagements with management to give them their diplomas and degrees, the institution continues denying them the same on grounds that they are yet to graduate from the college hence resorting to holding a vigil at the institution.

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