It is certain that all will answer the great call some day, anywhere and in different times as the average of human being on earth is been considered to be hundred years.

Though biblically it is said that 70 years is the number appointed for every person and the if you live above that then it is extra.

But interestingly there are people who even live above 100 years and this man happens to fall under that category.

Maharanasi murasi just completed 183 years of his life as at the time he made this statement which made some people say he has a divine power while others says he is never going to die.

According to a source, Murasi was born in the year 1835 in a village of Bangalore, India and according to some person the man has worked even up to the age 122 years.

To his shocking surprise many years has passed even some of his grandchildren have died and he felt that maybe death has forgotten him.

And if you may want to doubt him, he also showed some papers to prove his age which were prepared during the British Rule as many times they tried checking him with the help of physicians in order to get his real age but no way.

What we all know is that when your time is up is up and no one can question God for the things he does but we will be able to ask Him some questions when we see him in glory.

Do you think death would forget any person on earth?

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