In Africa, black magic has assumed a job in uprisings, battling wars, picking up freedom and is regularly observed at political race time.

A few people additionally counsel witch doctors to fix illnesses or discover a spouse. In any case, the training has negative sides mangled bodies are frequently found in Africa, with their organs expelled apparently for use in enchantment charms.

Also, as of late in the UK, three individuals were imprisoned over the torment of an eight-year-old Angolan young lady they blamed for being a had witch.

Black magic is plainly obvious in the entirety of the nations I have lived in.

In Zimbabwe the main individual resistant from witches it appears is simply the president, and that is on the grounds that he can manage the cost of more grounded parcels from all over Africa.

In South Africa are the most dreaded witches. In Botswana the witches are there yet they are not excessively gifted.

In Zambia and Malawi you can without much of a stretch be killed in the night by witches.

In England, UK I went to witches gatherings in a little town of Leek in 1996, and again in Highlane Burslem in Stoke on Trent.

The witches were persuaded they had uncommon forces.

6. Ghana

As indicated by a news story by The Guardian in 2010, there’s another ascent in discipline because of black magic in the African country of Ghana, where witchcraft shapes some portion of the nation’s folklore.

A 72-year-elderly person was singed to death by six individuals who associated her with being a witch, guaranteeing she tumbled from the sky and under a tree since she came up short on witch flying gas.

Clinical specialists asserted that the older lady may have basically been experiencing dementia and her abnormal conduct was confounded as that of a witch’s.

About a month back my cousin was seen as a witch. She affirmed after my minister had appealed to God for her. As indicated by her she was acquainted with it by my grandma. I additionally know numerous individuals who are supposed to be witches.

In the event that Africa genuinely needs to live, at that point we should cease from abhorrent spirits and rather trust in the Lord.

5. Democratic Republic of Congo

Maybe the most unfortunate part of the loss of lives because of black magic is the way that huge numbers of its casualties are youngsters.

In a 2013 report by International Business Times, an amazing 50,000 youngsters were blamed for divination in Congo and as all awfulness stories go with respect to minimal ones, a significant number of them have endured maltreatment on account of their captors.

What’s more, what are these individuals’ sign that the youngsters are supposedly controlled by evil spirits? Being debilitated, wetting the bed around evening time, and experiencing bad dreams!


At the point when I initially showed up in Nairobi, I saw the signs however didn’t have the foggiest idea what they implied.

When I began getting Swahili, I discovered that the abundance of promotions, nailed to wall, stuck on posts and imprinted on A3 paper, were for waganga (witchdoctors) offering help primarily in issues of business, cash, love and barrenness.

In pretty much every suburb of Nairobi, you’ll find at any rate one promotion, hand-painted, on a little plate, nailed high up on a post.

For a normal of around 6000 shillings (R600) you can get the chance to see one of these mgangas however it is prudent to keep away from the individuals who promote on paper. They are presumed to be rascals.

Accounts of “Nairobi young ladies” utilizing this sort of black magic to make sure about a man is likewise legend. This kamutiinvolves the addition of spices or gems into the vagina to keep the man anomalous pulled in and inwardly ‘stuck’. The man will likewise be not able to increase an erection with some other lady.

These sorts of stories are talked about unassumingly in Nairobi. It is known to be a piece of the young ladies’ very own weapons store, and is presumed to be a typical practice.

Notwithstanding its far reaching acknowledgment in Kenyan culture, black magic clearly has it depreciators as well.

There have been awful occurrences of ‘witch’ lynchings – in 2009, five older people were singed alive by townspeople in western Kenya who blamed them for entrancing a little fellow. A year ago, The Star paper announced that older folks in the beach front Kilifi Country were escaping their homes out of dread of being executed for rehearsing black magic.

3. Malawi

“Black magic is as yet alive in Africa. Here in Malawi there are two locale where individuals have progressed in black magic. These individuals can make a trip from Malawi to USA in a flash. They can advise you to close your eyes for two minutes and after that they instruct you to open your eyes and genuinely you wind up in New York, envision!

In any case, the clever piece of it these individuals are not taught yet they are progressed in another innovation. There are no planes which can go from UK to USA like a flash, however standard individuals here can do it.

In Karonga in the northern piece of Malawi you can be expelled your bones in the event that you are impolite and when you apologize they are returned. In any case don’t be stunned.”

Allanie Njateni, Malawi

Black magic exists. I was at a life experience school for a long time and I witnessed some black magic going on. Black magic in fact is utilized as a multipurpose thing as referenced in your article.

In Malawi there have been a few cases whereby damaged bodies have been found. In spite of the fact that I haven’t truly observed one myself yet simply read about it in the papers.

Wezi, Malawi

I have never observed a witch with my own eyes. Yet, there are a few occasions that occur in my nation that need logical clarification and has been ascribed to black magic.

So I state yes black magic is with us and will consistently be there as long as Africa is alive.

Amos Phir, Malawi

2. Zambia

“Having lived in rustic Zambia for quite a while, I can say authoritatively that black magic is perfectly healthy in Zambia. Tragically in the western world, it has terrible undertones – that it is in reverse or hurtful. I have seen really wiped out Zambians recover financially after a visit from the neighborhood witchdoctor, or rather conventional healer, a term I like.

I contemplate the intensity of conviction to mend, just as the advantages of customary prescriptions. The main negative thing I need to state about my encounters with Zambian black magic is that the Christian evangelists, with no regard for customary conviction frameworks, will likely crash the awesome part of provincial Zambian culture inside my lifetime.”

Jenny T Gelber, USA (in the past Zambia)

1. Nigeria

Two days prior in my neighborhood. A young lady of five was blamed for slaughtering her mom through black magic. She was tormented (secured upside a tree) for quite a long time to admit. What amazed me is the reality this young lady had not known about the word black magic and here she was being approached to make an alleged admission. As I would see it, those behind this youngster misuse ought to be brought to confront the fierceness of the law.

Kingsley Obika, Nigeria

Black magic in Africa is genuine and it is developing in a disturbing rate on the grounds that the adolescent are currently into it. In Nigeria specifically most youngsters sign up to black magic since they need to bring in brisk cash.

They wouldn’t fret what the witchdoctor requests from them – on occasion the witchdoctor requests that they execute their mom, father or even siblings and sisters. Furthermore, they do it since they truly need to get wealthy in a brief timeframe.

This training in Nigeria is normal with the Ibos. The witchdoctors are likewise accepted to fix ailments, and do different things like giving individuals karma to discover spouses, steady employments, kids, etc.

In any case, as a Christian I don’t trust in them, my religion denounces it, my religion discloses to me that it is just Jesus that has a solution to our issues so I don’t have the foggiest idea why individuals despite everything proceed to belittle these villains.

Something else that makes me wonder is the way that there such a large number of houses of worship in Nigeria where this sort of training occurs.

Black magic does nothing but bad to the country however assists with impeding the advancement of the country. I wish that President Obasanjo stops these practices.

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