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Tate Fred Kwacha has said Chiefs are the owners of the Chipembedzo Cha Makolo A Chikuda as they contribute relief items in-times of hunger, floods and also disease outbreak.

In an interview, the Tate for Chipembedzo Cha Makolo A Chikuda said during the time of needy, the religious group asks support from the Chiefs which comes in form of foods like chickens, goats, maize and etc.

“When there is disease outbreak and disasters like floods, or hunger , the chiefs are the ones who guides us what to do and how we can ask God to eliminate such disasters or diseases,” he said.

Tate Kwacha further said Chipembedzo Cha Makolo A Chikuda prays to their ancestor’s spirit like Mbona of Khulubvi, Makewana in KaSinja every year when there is problems and not every week or month as what Christians do.

“When we sacrifice we need discipline like bathing without soap, do fasting and wear black clothes to respect the spirits of our ancestors so they can hear our problems,” he said.

The group, Chipembedzo Cha Makolo A Chikuda brews local beer, prepares food among others when they want to do sacrifices. In addition, every family is asked to contribute one cob of maize and not cash contributions.

“I observed that some quarters in our religious copied things from western countries like praying as Christians do,” he said.

He said their religious group prays to ancestors spirit like Mbona of Khulubvi, Makewana of Kasinja and they don’t contribute money.

Tate also urged members of the religious to be tolerant to each other rather than fighting for leadership.

“I also urge them to up heard government laws and respect elderly people including the chiefs who look after us in everything,” he said.

He asks all members of the religious to love each other even in their families saying that pleases God.



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