A man was discovered in a coffin after some months he had disappeared on.

The man was found headless underground following that the Family was renovating the house.

The Family members reported that they heard some strange sounds and the man would haunt them.

The Family went to a prophetess to consult what was haunting them and found out that the man’s spirit was not at peace and was wandering about Trying to find a humble place.

The Family didn’t understand what the prophetess meant until they decided to renovate their house and found a coffin buried under the house.

The Family called the police and reported the matter,the body was tested DNA results were taken and it was found out that the body is indeed connected to the family.

But what was mysterious the body was found headless.

The Family suspected the tenants that once lived with as the man disappeared after having a heated argument with them as they refused to pay rent but there are no latest traces of them found by the police yet.


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