The Wedding day is one of the best days in the life of every woman. Women love that day to look quite dreamy and memorable. Some even go as far as borrowing to make it a success.

A photo of a couple using tricycles (Keke Napep) as the official vehicles for the occasion has surfaced online and has garnered lots of reactions for obvious reasons.

For one, people are wondering why the newlyweds would choose vehicles as unusual as Keke for such an important event.

In the photo, the wife was smiling, thrilled even, like she won a lottery, as she stood inside the tricycle with her Husband, while a long convoy of other tricycles followed behind.

Social media users are guessing that maybe the couple wanted something different. On a second thought, the man may be the chairman of keke association, so his friends decided to honour him with their rides.

Either ways, some ladies have sworn that nothing will ever make them try such a stunt.

“I can’t marry a poor man. No woman in this century will agree to Wed with keke, not even as a joke. Even if the man just want something different, the woman will not agree.” – Floxy Udeala

“I just love that the bride is happy. Do what makes you irrespective of what people think.” – Kesha Eze

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