Police in Dowa have launched a manhunt for a man currently only identified as Akimu Makalani for allegedly torching his aunt’s house over K350 debt which his aunt’s brother owed him.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Sub Inspector Gladson M’bumpha confirmed the incident took place on August, 22, 2020 at Maweru Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District

“The suspect is alleged to have set ablaze his aunt’s house, Fayness Ibrahim aged 52, of Maweru Village in Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa where property costing over K500, 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha) got burnt, “M’bumpha said.

Reports say on the particular day, the victim was at her house and while there, the suspect approached her demanding back the money which his aunt’s brother borrowed from him a week ago.

“The victim took K400.00 and gave it to the suspect and later in the day, she went to a nearby market to buy some commodities. Whilst at the market, she heard people shouting on top of their voices that the house was on fire. Upon arrival at home, she noticed that it was her house which was burnt to ashes and she saw the suspect leaving the scene, ” M’bumpha explained.

The destroyed items include bags of maize, groundnuts, clothes and kitchen utensils among others.

Upon receipt of the matter, police visited the scene and certified the incident.

Meanwhile, police have launched intensive investigations to arrest the suspect who fled soon after committing the offence.


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