Some concerned citizens have written the anti-corruption bureau ACB to do an investigation on how the court arrived at k7 billion award in legal fees to Dr Saulos Chilima the first petitioner and the second petitioner Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s lawyers.

The lawyers of the two won the historical 21 may 2019 disputed presidential election which was nullified by the constitutional court and upheld by the supreme court of appeal.

Philip Kamangira a social commentator and leader for the concerned citizens have confirmed to face of Malawi online to have indeed written the ACB to investigate on the matter.

In an interview with face of Malawi Kamangira said that they have carried their own arithmetic on how much legal counsel gets per hour.

According to Kamangira a legal counsel with less than 10 years experience are paid k30,000 per hour.

He further said that legal counsel that have been practicing above 10 years are paid k40,000 per hour while senior counsel k55,000 per hour.

Kamangira therefore wondered that in the light of the provisions noted in the taxation bill humanity doubts how could within a space of less than 20 lawyers balloon to k7 billion.

Philip Kamangira lamented that in all fairness is outrageous saying people may not be that highly wrong to be thinking and labeling that such an act is merely a judicial looting on an industrial scale.

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