A video of an anaconda trying to swallow an alligator has surfaced online. The video is from Ponta Negra neighbourhood of Manaus in Brazil.

In the video, the snake can be seen wrapping itself around the alligator while trying to swallow it. Residents of the neighbourhood tried to drag the two reptiles away by tying them with a rope.

After the locals intervened, the two reptiles were separated successfully. Bystanders said that the anaconda was more than six feet in length.

The snake reportedly gave up on its meal after it was dragged to a stream. Both the reptiles returned to the forest from where they had come out.

The video has gone viral on social media, garnering more than 15,000 views.

While many users were horrified after watching the video, others criticised the locals for interfering in the food chain.

Last year, a dramatic video of a 29-feet anaconda killing a 6-feet crocodile had gone viral. The video was captured in the swampy wetlands of Pantanal, Brazil. The incredible moment was captured by wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley.

“I was sitting in a boat having our lunch when this happened. I couldn’t believe it all. I heard all of this splashing, and when I looked I could see the caiman was suffering. The anaconda just kept strangling the caiman. It had even broken all of the caiman’s legs,” Dooley had said.

“It all happened in around eight minutes. I think eventually the anaconda ran out of oxygen and had to let go of the caiman. And at that point, the caiman then bit into the snake. But the snake managed to get away and slither out. I think eventually the caiman died,” Dooley had added.

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