Nigerian woman wants to divorce his man because she is afraid of having a baby that will take after her husband’s bad looks.

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“I want to divorce my husband because he is too ugly for me

My marriage is just a year old and I’m tired of it already, my husband is too ugly for me. My girlfriends are always talking about how their husbands are the centers of attention whenever they go for any event.
But, I can’t even relate because no lady looks at my husband twice or even tries to catch his attention.
We started dating when I was in the university, he was one of the most brilliant guys in his department, and he helped with my assignment and project.
He has always been ugly but he is a very nice guy, he is caring, he has a good job and he takes care of my family members.
I accepted his proposal because he was always pestering me and spoiling me with money, affection and material things. Ever since we got married, I’ve been using birth control pills because I’m scared of having a baby that will take after his bad looks.
My friends adviced me to get another guy to get me pregnant and give my husband the news that I’m pregnant for him, but I’m scared.
I’m already tired of this marriage and I want a divorce so I can get a better looking man or what do you think?”
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