Nigeria-A randy businessman from Nakuru was left badly embarrassed after he was busted live cheating with a prostitute.

His distressed wife had tried to ask him to stop his adulterous character but he refused to stop because he had money to spoil on ladies.

He continued to have sex out of marriage and when he thought his wife was spying on him, he resorted to having sex with the prostitutes in his car.

Fed up with him, his wife heard of a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mugwenu who uses his spell-casting powers to teach cheating spouses a lesson.

She visited him in his workplace and ordered a spell that would teach her husband a lesson by locking him into the prostitute in the middle of sex.

The doctor cast the spell and the wife went back home waiting for the day her husband would cheat on her again. She was sure something would happen.

On the material day, her hubby, as was the norm, called a prostitute and invited him to his car so that he could have sex with her.

As soon as they started, his machine got stuck inside the lady and they both started screaming in deep pain. People miled around their car to see what was happening to the couple.

They opened the car and found the businessman stuck into the woman. The crowd tried to separate the two of them but they could not.

A woman who knew the man’s wife gave him a call to inform him of what had happened. She rushed to the scene. Her husband was very ashamed especially after seeing his wife arrive.


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