Presidential Advisor on Youth and Arts Lucius Banda has hailed gospel singer Patience Namadingo for successfully raising MK3 million to assist William Kachigamba who is battling with cancer.

The musician needs K3 million to travel to Zambia for medical attention.

This prompted Namadingo to pose like a statue on the Mahtma Ghandi statue in Blantyre to raise the K3 million.

He stayed there from 12pm without eating but was drinking water until around past 6pm before his manager Peter Mazunda received a message from President Lazarus Chakwera that he should go home as he would settle the balance.

Writing on his facebook page, Banda who is also a musician hailed Namadingo’s gesture.

“Yesterday I personally witnessed a fellow musician dedicate himself to helping another musician. Namadingo is a humble man who seeks to help others where he can and his dedication to raising the much needed funds to assist William Kachigamba has shown me how determined our youth and artists are, how determined they are to ensuring they help each other as well as promote each other.

“Namadingo, thank you for your courage yesterday as you stood tall and still while allowing the nation and world watch and donate towards the treatment of a fellow artist. I applaud you for your courage,” wrote Banda.

Banda also hailed Malawians who joined the fundraising by contributing something.

“I further wish to thank all those in Malawi and beyond who personally answered the call to assist our Malawian artist William.

“In a special way let me thank the President whom when I brought it to his knowledge that one humble son of the soil was standing as a statue in order to raise funds for a fellow artist William Kachigamba, he found it right to humble himself and offer to give what ever amount was remaining so that Patience could go home and rest,” said Banda

He added: “Once again I on behalf of artists and youth of this country we thank you Your Excellency the President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for your love and passion.”

Kachingamba is expected to travel to Zambia for medical treatment.

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