An emergency meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) convened on Thursday chaired by former President Peter Mutharika has referred General Grezelder Jeffrey to the disciplinary committee of the party.

Mutharika fired Jeffrey wa Jeffrey as DPP Secretary General on Wednesday for openly backing calls for leadership change in the party.

But Jeffrey rejected the firing, saying Mutharika has no powers to remove her from the position.

The development forced Mutharika to call for an emergency meeting at his retirement home in the eastern district of Mangochi.

DPP Acting spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira confirmed of the meeting, saying the Central Committee referred the matter the party’s disciplinary committee.

“The Central Committee considered the issue concerning the utterances made by the Paty’s Secretary General, Hon Gilzelder Jeffrey, in a recent radio interview.

“Cognisant of the Rules of Natural Justice the Central Committee decided to refer the matter to the Party’s Disciplinary Committee, to afford the Secretary General an opportunity to be heard, and for the Disciplinary Committee to determine whether or not the Secretary General had breached the Party’s Code of Conduct, and to recommend to the Central Committee the appropriate remedy in the event of her being found in breach,” said Mpinganjira.

Meanwhile it is not known as to when Jeffrey will appear before the committee.

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