As the rain season is fast approaching seedco Malawi limited has engaged some of the seeds distributors in the southern region so as to prepare them for the farming season.

In an interview Gift Kawamba the commercial director for seedco Malawi limited said that they thought it wise to equip their seed distributors with new information on seed management. Kawamba further said that the government has introduced a affordable input program which has changed so much from the fertilizer subsidy program fisp.

Kawamba added that all along the distributors were dealing with 7 or 8 metric tones saying this time around the volume has jumped up to 21 metric tones.

Kawamba therefore said that the want to ensure that the agro dearers are well equipped and explore the potential of making business in the process.

However seedco Malawi limited has retaliated its commitment in ensuring that it is providing reliable seed to the farmers so as to grow seeds that are consisted and of good harvesting.

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