A husband and wife of Mkushi have committed suicide by taking unknown chemicals following a marital dispute after a drinking spree.
The couple died on Monday at different times between 01:00 hours and 05:00 hours.
Central province police commissioner Chola Katanga confirmed the mishap in an interview.
Mr. Katanga said the victims’s daughter Idesi Ntembwa 31, reported the matter to police that her parents had taken their lives through suicide.
Mr. Katanga identified the victims as Raphael Ntembwa 69, and Bertha Bupe Kunda Mwape 59, both of Ntembwa village in Chibanga area in Chief Mulungwe’s chiefdom.
Mr. Katanga explained that the couple took their lives by consuming unknown chemicals after a marital dispute.
Mr. Katanga said the dispute erupted when the husband allegedly suspected his wife of planning to kill him with her man friend known as Webby so that the two could get married.
“The dispute erupted after a drinking spree. This was after the husband accused his wife of planning with her man friend Webby of the same area to kill him so that they could get married.
“The wife died at 01:00 hours and the husband at 05:00 hours,” he said.
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