By Orchestra Kamanga

The Founder and Managing Director for General Vision Screen Printers (GVSP) Comrade Dr Feston Kaphanya has urge the Government to give them more Business opportunity than foreigners to reduce unemployment rate which the country is facing.

Speaking in an interview Comrade Kaphanya said Ministry of Trade and Industry laws are clearly that when Malawians are competing with Foreigners local Malawians should be given 60 percent and 40 percent should go to foreign investor’s in order to create more job opportunities.

“The law says that foreigners when they need to invest in the country they need to invest $50 million dollars but you see that they open a printing company which is less than 10 million kwacha as a capital which is not god at all,” he said.

Kaphanya further said that government give or business to foreigners which Malawians can manage to do and produce quality products and goods than foreigners.

“Most Companies, NGO’s prefer to print their products like T-Shirts and other products outside the country hence doing so creates job opportunity to foreign country,” he said, adding that when printing within the country they cannot pay foreign exchange.

Comrade Kaphanya said some years ago he was doing well and able to assist country’s development and he built school blocks in his home village and handed it over to government and also provided pipe water in the village (Village Chimvano, Mtukula two) in the area of Traditional Authority Makhwangala in Ntcheu district.

“If last year I was given business I shouldn’t fire 19 employees. Previous elections I was given more business like printing T-Shirts, Caps, and Golf-Shirts but not during 2019 Tripartite Elections and Fresh Presidential Elections,” said.

He therefore urged Government and newly elected Ministers to fulfill their promises like boosting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs’) for economic growth in the country after observing the ta previous Administration failed to fulfill their promises.

Commenting on that government should give loans to Malawians, Kaphanya caution that government should not be giving loans just matters of giving but they have to make sure that they give loans to people who will pay back.

“People who have nothing to do if they fail to pay back loans their can lose their property,” he said.

General Vision Screen Printers which is located along Zalewa road opposite Motel Paradise prints: Golf-Shirts, Caps, T-Shirts, Umbrellas, Worksuits, Overalls, Bags, Neck Ties, Raincoats just to mention but a few.

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