In Zimbabwe, an enraged  man forced his cheating wife into a deep freezer filled with water before locking it for some time as punishment for cheating on him.

iHarare has established that Lyton Kanda ordered his wife Lizznet Gumbo into a deep freezer full of water before locking it for 30 minutes after he came across numerous love text messages on her mobile phone.

Prosecuting, Ms. Chipo Hungwe told the court that sometime on August 17 this year, Kanda had a misunderstanding with his wife Gumbo after he came across some love text messages on her mobile phone.

An argument ensued between the two with Kanda accusing his wife of cheating on him. The altercation is reported to have turned violent as Kanda went on to grab a kitchen unit drawer and used it to stab Gumbo once on the face.

After that, he went on to pour 80 litres of water into a deep freezer and ordered her to get inside or risk unspecified action.

Fearing for her dear life Gumbo allegedly got into the freezer and Kanda locked it for about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes he later freed her, without saying anything Kanda is reported to have disappeared.

Gumbo took the opportunity and went ahead filed a police report. He was subsequently arrested and arraigned before the courts facing two counts of assault and one of malicious damage to property.

Kanda pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. However, he argued that he is not a violent man but his wife’s  promiscuous actions are what led him to assault his wife and put her in the freezer as punishment for cheating on him.

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