A Lusaka resident of Kanyama compound has sued a business man of the same locality for defamation after he called her a prostitute when she rejected him as a lover.
Mercy Nakazwe, 35, a mother of two has sued, Moffat Malupenga 40, a business man for calling her a prostitute after she rejected him as lover and she is asking for K2000 as compensation.
Nakazwe told the court that on 15th August, 2020 around 17:00 hrs she met Mr. Malupenga at Mbasela Market in Kanyama when he tried to stop her to strike a conversation.
She said when she continued walking . Malupenga then followed her and asked for her phone number and when she said he should leave her alone he then called her an ugly prostitute.
Nakazwe said that it was another lady who was next to her who told her that Mr. Malupande had insulted her and when she turned to confront him he further insulted her such that people around the Market thought it was an old couple arguing.
“ine siniba ziba aba, but nina dabwa banini kambisa, penina kana ku ba yankha banini ita hule, bantu pa market bananvela ndiye pe benango ba mai so bana nilangiza pa nyumba pao, nina yende nauza ba kazi babo and ba kazi babo banakamba ati bachilamo niba peleke ku court, so ine chinani baba futi banionongela zina, nifuna bani lipile, K2000,” she said.
She added that after he went to his wife, he pulled her outside and told her that if she wants she can go anywhere and see if there as there was a crowd around.
When Malupande was asked to explain his said by the court, he denied ever calling her a prostitute and claimed that Nakazwe is well known drunkard.
Malupande said he only greeted her and jokingly said he had some alcohol to share with her if she was interested.
He said that after inviting her for a drink she then started shouting and insulting him.
“ine I only called her for a drink, but nina dabwa ati nena ati na mutukana uyu mukazi. Ni chakolwa cha pamudzi bonse ba ziba,” Malupande said.
Meanwhile after consulting from eye witnesses from both parties, magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka found Mr. Malupande guilt of defamation and fined him K2000 as compensation for the insults.
The magistrate said the money is to be paid in two months installments beginning end of September to end of October, 2020.
The court further warned Mr. Malupande to stop calling women prostitutes simply because they reject him.
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