A tourist camp built near Kenya’s Mara River that blocked migrating wildebeests will be brought down on Thursday, according to the area’s Senator Ledama Ole Kina.

The senator told BBC’s Newsday that it was unfortunate the camp had temporarily interrupted the annual migration, but said the wildebeests eventually proceeded to their destination.

“The camp which is illegally built along the river has been there for over 10 days and was situated in a place where the crossing has never happened before, but due to the tides and heavy rains it makes the wildebeests to look for a safer place,” he said.

Senator Ole Kina said the camp was to be demolished immediately.

“We realised the importance of studying the entire river and getting rid of every camp along the river because its illegal …we have taken immediate action and that camp is coming down today (Thursday),” he said.

Kenya’s Tourism Minister Najib Balala had posted the video showing wildebeests being turned back by a group of people:

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