Some African activists have been arrested after walking into a museum to retrieve Artworks they believed were stolen from Congo during the years of colonialism.

Congo-born Mwazulu Diyabanza and four other protesters were apprehended at the Quai Branly Museum in an attempt to take away a 19th-century African funeral pole exhibited.

Even though the Museum officials and the police officers deem the act as stealing, the group held a different view. According to them, their action is “part of the recovery of our artworks that were all acquired by looting, robbery, violence” during colonial era.

“This museum was created during the 1960s and all of the pieces and works that are here were stolen from Africa under colonisation and slavery…We never ask the thief for his permission to take back what he stole and this is why we have come to take back the soul of Africa” the group leader said.

Reports have it that, Stijn Schoonderwoerd, the Director of the Museum admitted that the museum indeed owned some arts that were looted from Africa. “We have already said that we are in favor of returning stolen artifacts.” He stated.

Diyabanza and his team streamed the entire activity live on Facebook; the police have since retrieved the said artwork and handed it over to the Museum. A police spokesperson stated that, “They may not have intended to keep it but may have been sending a signal.” watch the video below:

Source: wakandafricanews

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