In Kenya, Shock engulfed mourners at a homestead in Mukonge Village, Lugari Constituency in Kakamega County on Monday, September 14 after four different vehicles hired to transport the body of an 88-year-old man to a nearby mortuary broke down in mysterious circumstances.

Kepha Abukusi died in the wee hours of Monday morning, and his family hired a van to take his remains to a morgue.

However, upon loading Abukusi’s body onto the van, the vehicle’s engine failed. Another van was, consequently, hailed. Again, its engine failed when Abukusi’s remains were loaded onto it. The same happened when a third and fourth vehicle were hired for the same mission.

Surprisingly, every time Abukusi’s body was offloaded, the vehicles’ engines roared back to life.

The deceased’s nephew, Evans Avoga Odari, told K24 Digital that they had to return Abukusi’s body into the house after the four vehicles developed mechanical problems in unclear circumstances.

“We suspect that he (Abukusi) doesn’t want to be separated from us just yet, hence his resistance to leave the homestead,” said Odari.

Abukusi’s family say they will be forced to perform traditional rituals to appease the deceased into “accepting to join the next world”.

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