Marriage is never a do or die affair between Young youths.

It is not a must that the person you’re currently dating, will get married to you when he or she intends to marry.

The wrong perception and mindset the younger generation have over marriage, is becoming a matter of concern.

That your current boyfriend decide not to marry you, is never a crime even by Law, likewise vice versa.

So young youths should change the mentality, that they must get married to the person they are dating.

An incident which can best be described as unfortunate, disheartening and pitiable has occurred in South Africa, where a beautiful South African Lady was confirmed dead, after she was said to have hanged herself, because she caught her boyfriend with another woman.

It was gathered that the South African Lady, whose name was given as Amanda Khuzwayo, ended her life in an undisclosed location, by committing suicide as a result of heartbreak and depression, of seeing her boyfriend with another woman.

A correspondent whose name was given as SouthNews, stated that the Family of the Lady who committed suicide, was thrown into a state of trauma and sorrow, over the devastating news of their daughter.

Adding that Amanda Khuzwayo was a third year engineering student at University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), and her family members were in full expectation, waiting for the day she will graduate, but unfortunately she committed suicide.

“The deceased Family was devastated on hearing the sad news of their daughter, who hand herself to a tree, because she caught her boyfriend with another woman. Amanda Khuzwayo was a third year Engineering Student, of University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa. The hope of her parents to see her graduate, has been shattered”, SouthNews said.

SouthNews reported that South African Police, after retrieving the remains of Amanda Khuzwayo, arrested the boyfriend of the deceased for questioning, following the writer note that was left behind by the deceased.

Accusing him that he was responsible for her committing suicide.

According to SouthNews, the death of late Amanda Khuzwayo was great loss to her family.

As it was confirmed true to the Public by the mandla sithole at Durban in South Africa.

Following this development, the south African Police has vowed to carryout more investigation, to ascertain if Amanda Khuzwayo really committed suicide, or if she was murdered.

Below are the comments of some internet users, over the news of her death.

Do you think committing suicide is the best way to get ride of heartbreaks?

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