In a dramatic turn of events, a scorned Mwenezi man is alleged to have camped at the house of a man whose son allegedly snatched his wife.

The publication has it that Vengai Simon who lives under Chief Mazetese’s area recently stormed the homestead of Tapiwa Macheza the man whose son allegedly snatched his wife. He camped there for days while feasting on turkey, chicken, and a pig that he slaughtered with his accomplices.

State prosecutor, Lighton Katsidzira told the court that on August 16, 2020, at Tagovegwa Village, the accused teamed up with Tauya Simon, Peter Simon, and Givemore Gumbo and went to Macheza’s homestead armed with spears, knobkerries, and axes.

Apparently, Simon threatened to remain camped at  Macheza’s homestead and enjoy all the meat until his wife returned. Fearing for their dear life, Macheza and his wife Liyeleni Bhamule fled from their homestead and left their home to the accused and his accomplices.

After a couple of days seeing that Simon and his accomplices were not budging, Macheza decided to report them at the police station leading to their arrest.

Simon appeared at Mwenezi Magistrates Court facing three counts; one for stock theft and the other for making threats of violence.

He pleaded guilty to slaughtering Macheza’s turkey, pig, and chicken without the owner’s consent.  Apparently, they feasted on five turkeys, one female pig, and three chickens.

In his defense, Simon argued that he did all this out of anger because the complainant’s son snatched away his wife and the slaughtered birds were for his meals while he waited for her return.

However, the trial failed to continue as two of the other accomplices are still at large.

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