Five months after dropping a song, South African based Malawian singer Sir Afachi is set to add another piece to his music category on October, 1 2020 titled “Ndamfuna”.

In an interview with this publication, the singer whose real name is Lawrent Ndhlovu said the new song is sort like a taste to his very comprehensive and aesthetic album which is scheduled to drop next year, 2021.

Unfolding more details about the new song, Afachi told Face of Malawi that “Ndamfuna” narrates a story of a young man who is madly in love with a certain lady but cannot come out in open due to his financial status.

“It’s a traditional jazz enchanting rhythm and has a fascinating storyline depicting a young man who was consumed by the beauty of a young lady, but could not embrace his desire because he is miserably poor and the father in-law wanted a rich son-in-law,” Afachi stated while assuring his listeners that the song would be available for free download on Malawi Music Dot Com upon its official release.

On his taste of music, the singer who does music for entertainment and for amusement said, “No music is bad because music is an art which has different perceptions. We perceive things differently my taste is not someone’s taste.”

On his stand as a person, Afachi considers himself as unbounded individual who do not limit his life to anything and so he believe his future in music is propitious.

Currently, Afachi has three songs on Malawi’s biggest music website, Malawi Music Dot Com titled, “Deliverance”, “Bokoharamu” and “Jotoloto”.

He urges his listeners to expect different kinds of tunes from all angles of life in general.


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