A fisherman in Usiska, Nkhatabay has strangled himself to death after discovering that his beloved wife had four extra marital affairs with other traders in the district.

The man, identified as Unenesko Chima, was found hanging in a tree at some cemetery, some metres away from his domicile.

According to eye witnesses, the 47 year old man had resorted to taking his own life after finding her spouse in action with another fisherman in a bush, following a tipoff from some women who saw them.

“The women went to the bush for their routine firewood fetch, having puzzled with the woman they rushed and alerted the husband who was at the lakeshore untying his fishing net.” Said a source.

He added: “the man, having heard about his wife’s infidelity for so long, without believing, he rushed to the scene where he found his wife under fellow fisherman, moaning heavily.”

The promiscuous woman who, the source, has identified as Linda Banda is on the run and reports indicate that she might be at her aunt’s place in Chiputula, Mzuzu.

“The man is also on the run. He can’t be located since the scandal,” revealed the source.

The lady is believed to, also, have been offering her conjugal services to some boat owner, a shopkeeper and a driver in the same area.

“She had four children with the deceased. But, she was a loose canon. Anybody’s honey pot,” disclosed the source on strict condition of anonymity.

This is happening at a time authorities have bemoaned the rise in suicide cases in the country, especially among men who, usually kill themselves over marital related issues.

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