There are reports that hundreds of men in some villages under Chapananga in Chikwawa are flocking to Mozambique to seek alternatives for survival amid growing poverty levels.

According to the Group Village Headman Gaga, the situation has left most women dumped without support thereby calling for implementation of sustainable social and economic empowerment interventions.

Group Village Gaga added that alot of men are dumping their families and go to Mozambique to seek piece works leaving them with no support.

He is of the view that government and development partners should provide them with sustainable social and economic empowerment interventions including village savings and loans.

“We do not even have Village Savings and Loan, VSL groups here. Please help us so that these women should be empowered,” said Group Village Head Gaga.

One of the women Moreen Yonasi from Chankhwalala suggested that  the establishment of modern irrigation facilities can help to ease the challenges they are facing considering that the area is dry with no running rivers, exposed to deforestation and some bush fires.

“I believe construction of irrigation facilities can assist to end our suffering,” said Yonasi.

Chang’ambika, Chankhwalala and Gaga villages in Chapananga area which are very close to Mozambique and they are lacking behind in term of development.

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