Eddie Lebeau & Richard Amon, the two halves of London-based food art studio Tattooed Bakers pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of cake art, with their functional carousel cakes being by far the most impressive.

From marine cakes that exotic destinations almost to perfection, to sweet architectural wonders and doll-like edible creations, we’ve featured our share of stunning cake art here on Oddity Central, but we haven’t seen anything quite like Tattooed Bakers’ carousel cakes. Not only are these treats incredibly beautiful, featuring rococo and baroque-inspired decorations, but they actually incorporate mechanisms that make the merry-go-round turn, for an added visual effect.

Eddie and Richard sink hundreds of hours into their most intricate projects, and it clearly shows. The decorations on their exquisite carousel cakes are so intricate that many people confuse them with toys, or plaster works of art.

Tattooed Bakers have an impressive-looking portfolio of cakes, including edible pirate ships or multi-tier wedding cakes, but it’s definitely their carousel cakes that make them stand out.

For more amazing cakes from this very talented duo, check out their official website as well as their Instagram.

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