Minster of Tourism Arts and Culture Michael Usi has revealed plans that his ministry is intending to partner with Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in marketing Malawian Culture.

Usi revealed this on his Facebook page in which he was updating the general public when he met members of the Culture and Heritage Department of the University yesterday.

According to Usi he is very much impressed with the work plus innovative ideas being done to portray Culture as a component of tourism in enhancing the economic development of Malawi.

However, Usi did not leave out the impact of Coronavirus pandemic which has greatly affected the tourism industry, but was quick to acknowledge the positive side of it saying it has helped the industry to develop backup plans to ensure that the country is still benefiting from the tourism industry.

“Part of the greatest impact in the Tourism Industry in Malawi has been felt due to COVID-19, forcing the industry to develop backup plans to make sure the country is still benefitting from tourism,” said Usi.

He added; “On the positive side, the same time during the pandemic has been used for reflection in coming up with innovative ideas to improve the Tourism industry.”

According to Usi, the Culture and Heritage department at MUST has, among other things, incorporated diverse cultural dances and pottery in their approach to marketing Malawi.

“My ministry will partner with MUST in marketing Culture as a product of Tourism. I believe the department at the University will continue to play a crucial role in our efforts to market the tourism sector within and outside the country,” Usi said.

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