Zimbabwean government has refused to let in international travellers to pass through their country from the South African side.

Thousands of people who had hoped to use the port of entry travelling to Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa were left stranded and frustrated by the events that unfolded.

The SABC News reported yesterday that a group of travellers were denied entry after they had been cleared on the South African side.

South Africa is now on alert level 1 of the national lockdown and international travellers are permitted as long as they are not from high risk areas. This is however not the case with their northern neighbors who are still on alert level 4.

Travelers had hoped for the boarder to be opened soon after midnight of the 1st of October but things did not go out as planned.

One traveller who got interviewed stated that after presenting their covid-19 certificate, the South African officials permitted him to pass through. When they got to the Zimbabwean side of the boarder, they got turned away by the authorities who told them the boarder is not yet open to travellers.

The man said he has been in the country since January and wishes to spend time with his family. He is now being forced to travel back to Johannesburg after wasting his fuel and precious time as he could not sleep on the boarder post.

No comment has been received yet from the Zimbabwean authorities regarding the impasse but it is highly expected that the issue will be resolved within the next 14 days with the Zimbabwean authorities most likely going to soften it’s stance.

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