DPP Says Kasaila Remains Leader of Opposition as Nankhumwa, Other Obtain an Injunction Against Expulsion


In a twist of events Members of Parliament (MPs) for the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who met at the house of former president Peter Mutharika’s in Mangochi on Sunday, have voted for Francis Kasaila as leader of opposition in the August house.

The development follows the decision by Mutharika who expelled DPP’s vice president for the south Kondwani Nankhumwa, Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, former minister Jappie Mhango and Parliamentarian Yusuf Nthenda from the party for pushing for Mutharika’s retirement.

DPP’s chief whip Symon Vuwa Kaunda said the party has maintained its position of having Kasaila as their leader of opposition as appointed by Mutharika not Nankhumwa who imposed himself as leader of opposition.

“We have discussed to maintain our stand that the leader of opposition is Francis Kasaila, not Kondwani Nankhumwa who imposed himself on the position,” Vuwa Kaunda said.

He added that the party is expected to communicate to the Speaker of parliament Catherine Gotani Hara so that the office can start recognizing Kasaila as such.

Kaunda, therefore, asked the DPP supporters not to be carried away by who he called an opportunist, advising them to continue rallying behind Mutharika because he has vast experience.

However, it is not known how the August House is going to handle the matter since Nankhumwa and others have obtained an injunction against their expulsion from the party and is still holding the position of leader of opposition and DPP’s vice president for the South.

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Flora Mitumba
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