By Robert Kumwenda

Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) wants government to speed up the process of passing Persons with Disabilities Bill.

Symon Munde, FEDOMA Executive Director said the bill if enacted into law will solve many problems and it has got quite comprehensive provisions on how the Disability Trust Fund can be operated.

He said the organization has been proposing the process of enacting the bill to clear the mist on how the Disability Trust Fund money is used.

“The Disability Trust Fund is already in the laws but the problem is operization because the current law does not provide the nitty-gritties of the operation of the fund.

Munde however, said they hope government through the ministry of Gender, Disability and Social welfare will make sure that this should be tabled in parliament and enacted into a law.

“We have got a number of programs we intend to do for people with disability but we are failing because of funding,” he said.

FEDOMA is an umbrella of Disability Organizations which works to unify, coordinate efforts and strengthen the advocacy work of its affiliates to the well-being of persons with disabilities in Malawi.


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