Karonga Central Constituency by- elections campaign chairperson for Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Kezzie Msukwa says the party is optimistic that its candidate will win the elections which will take place on November 10, 2020.

He was speaking Friday in Mzuzu after he alongside MCP Vice President, Sidik Mia interacted with the party’s followers to settle disagreements between the leadership and supporters of the party over the management of MCP Regional Headquarters Offices in Mzuzu.

Msukwa who is also the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development called on people in the constituency to continue rallying behind MCP and the parliamentary candidate for the party to retain the seat.

He said it is sad that the constituency lost a dedicated and development conscious leader who was also influential in the party, Dr. Cornelius Thomson Mwalwanda whom he said established the party’s roots in the area.

“Karonga Central Constituency belongs to MCP, therefore we do not doubt that people will vote for Leonard Mwalwanda who is the party’s candidate. It is my plea to all eligible voters to turn in their large numbers to vote for our candidate during the November 10 by-elections,” said Msukwa.

He added that MCP is the only party which could change the lives of people in the constituency as Late Mwalwanda proved to the constituents that MCP puts to heart the interests of the people.

“We know the expectations of people in this constituency and it is only an MCP Parliamentarian who can serve them better,” he said.

Also speaking in an exclusive interview, Leonard Mwalwanda said the constituents should expect improved road network and access to potable water among others.

“Youth can contribute to development in this constituency and I will make sure that their voice is heard so that we can together find ways of uplifting their lives,” he said.

Mia who is also Minister of Transport and Public Works advised the followers of the party to unite for the party to be strong in the region and the country as a whole.

“Misunderstandings are always eminent in any organisation but it is my prayer that when we face such situations within the structures of the party, we should be proactive in settling the roots of any form of misunderstanding so that we continue forging ahead in strengthening the party at all levels,” said Mia.

The by-election takes following the death of a Member of Parliament for the constituency, Dr. Cornelius Thomson Mwalwanda.

Three political parties will contest in the elections, namely MCP whose candidate is Leonard Mwalwanda, UTM whose candidate is Tumpale Mwenefumbo and Democratic Progressive Party which will be represented by Ernest Mwalughali and an independent candidate, Mary Nthakomwa.


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