Reports coming from Zambia indicates that a Zambian man has quit his job after a local witch doctor promised to mysteriously be paying him K100,000 monthly.

According to ZambianObserver, after paying K1,500 to a witch doctor, a man of Lusaka quit his job as a guard upon being promised that he would mysteriously receive K100,000 every month.

But three months down the line, 24-year-old Nason Lupenga of John Leing Compound has not received any of the promised money and has now dragged witch doctor Martha Uche to the Kanyama Local Court demanding a refund.

Facts of the case are that on August 31, 2020 Lupenga was approached by his friend who introduced him to Martha who explained to him that she would make money for him magically if he paid her.

Lupenga got interested in the business and made an initial deposit of k1000 and later on the same day paid Uche K500.

Lupenga told the court that after Uche told him how easy and fast money will be coming to him he decided to quit his job and paid her in full but till now he has not received anything in his account or wallet and that hunger at home was looming at an alarming level.

“The deal was that when I pay in two weeks time I will start receiving money in my wallet or account but since August this is now October no single kwacha, I want my K1500 refunded to me l will do something silly,” Luepenga threatened.

Lupenga added that despite doing all the requirements prescribed by Uche he wonders why she has continued to lie to him over the deal.

In her defense Uche denied ever promising Lupenga K100, 000 as magic money but that the deal was that she would help him with good luck charms that would bring him customers in the bar he was supposed to open as agreed not hard cash.

She said Lupenga was clearly told that one of the requirements was for him to have an already existing business either a shop or a bar then after the charms are given he would be having many customers which would lead him to making k100, 000 a month in profits.

“No no no no and no I did not ask him to quit his job and I never agreed to give him k100, 000 cash, I told him it would be in profits per month. Plus I’m not the one who makes the money but my mother who is in Tanzania,”Uche said.

In passing judgement Magistrate Michelo told Martha to immediately refund Lupenga his money because what she did did was tantamount to obtaining money under false pretense and that this was a serious offense as only Government through Bank of Zambia was allowed to make money not individuals.

Magistrates Michelo added that due to the rise of these cases government will soon start investigating such people and anyone found wanting the law will not spare them.

He also warned that people should not be willing to get rich without working as a result they will end up losing even the little they have.

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