Seven police officers, who threw teargas cannisters into a bus full of passengers at the Harare Exhibition Park yesterday afternoon, now have to account for their actions with one officer identified as having thrown a cannister already under arrest.

Passengers aboard a Rimbi Tours coach had to jump out through the windows with some falling hard on the tarmac. Some were injured as they fell while others will need to be checked for possible internal injuries.

Police had stopped the bus to question and possibly arrest the driver on allegations that he had no driver’s licence and had quarreled with passengers.

When the driver resisted, a police officer then threw tear smoke cannisters into the bus.

It is not yet clear if the police officer had been instructed by superiors to do so.

Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Association secretary Mr Oliver Chibage condemned the actions of the police.

He however, urged bus operators to comply with police orders and the law.

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