Boy, 19, Mapulane Kgosana is now haunted by the two dead children he pulled out of a dam.

Since the 19-year-old retrieved the bodies of Kgaugelo Ngobese (8) and Thabo Mosupye (9) from a dam in Lebotloane, North West, after they drowned in 2018, he’s been struggling to sleep.

Mapulane told Daily Sun the boys came to him in dreams wearing maroon school uniforms and riding bicycles.

Mapulane said although he was just 17 when the incident happened, he never received counselling and it was affecting his schoolwork.

“Whenever they visit me, I wake up and can’t sleep again. I was only trying to help my community and the boys’ families by retrieving the bodies,” he said.

“I didn’t know I’d end up suffering like this.”

The grade 10 pupil at Thulare High School said he failed a year because of the incident and his life had become a misery.

He said when he dived into the water to look for the boys, he hoped he’d find them alive.

His dad, Sophonia (71), said he was at the scene when the bodies were recovered and was also left traumatised.

“After I heard the kids had gone missing in the water, I decided to help the parents. The way they died hurts me,” he said.

Sophonia said the boys fell into the water trying to reach a bicycle wheel that had fell in while playing with it.

Sangoma Majoko Hlongwane said: “Mapulane’s family should take him to the river and perform a ritual.

“They should also do a cleansing ceremony.”

Chloe Homer, a volunteer counsellor at Headway Gauteng, said society often overlooks tragic accidents with regards to bystanders who have become involved.

“Psychological support within 72 hours is vital to addressing emotional well-being in the individual.”

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