Being unusual is considered the best thing by some individuals and with the advent of rapid changes, a few aim at extraordinary appearance.

Ever seen the photo of a model with the world’s biggest cheeks? Of course, a lot of photographers would wish for it and Anastasia Pokreschuk, a model from Kyiv Ukraine has beautifully got it.

The Instagram model joined the fillers world at age 26 and since then she hasn’t stopped injecting.
Having the world’s biggest cheeks, Anastasia isn’t, however, contented and desire for more enlargement.
The model, who have lost count of her operations has spent over $2000 on her lips, cheeks, and even in the corners of her mouth.

She has botox in her forehead, jaw and chin reshaped and now she feels her cheeks are a little bit small, hence requires an enlargement as soon as possible.

‘You might feel they are quite big but I think they are a bit small. I actually need to refresh them very soon.’ Anastasia, with over 153K followers, said.


‘I really love them and I want them to appear like this. I am glad and now I regularly inject other parts of my face all by myself. It’s understanding that it appears weird for some people, but I literally don’t mind. People have called me ugly and that I should k*ll myself but I just laugh it off and ignore them.’ Anastasia added.


Three months back, Anastasia on This Morning Show had, however, told both Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she won’t stop injecting herself despite warnings from medical experts. The cosmetology student is obviously not discouraged at the dangers of self-injecting and she does really love her appearance.

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