Shockingly, a Ghanaian Magician Professor Hindu who is 82-year-old has revealed that he  killed and resurrected over 1.6 million people since he started his magical craft.

The man whose real name is Kweku Addai, said he was able to kill them, cuts off their heads and use it to play football and later wake them up after 3 to 11 days.

Speaking on KOFI TV, he narrated how he performed magic; saying he used a knife to cut their (victims) heads and preserve them for days so people would pay and watch the lifeless bodies in a room.

Revealing the inspiration behind his magical acts, Prof Hindu disclosed that he acquired the skills through dreams.

“I get my stuff through dreams, I can kill one person, 10 persons and that’s how the whites can kill the individual and not the soul,” he told the host.

When asked about the number of people he has killed and resurrected since he started his magic, he explained:

“I have killed and resurrected about 1.6 million people; among them, it was just one person who did not resurrect in Takoradi.”

He, however, explained the reason he failed to bring back to life the one person who he was unable to resurrect.

“When I checked, apparently it was time for the person to die, but I didn’t check before using him for my magic. This happened in 1967. In 1968 I killed some people and resurrected them after 11 days. We actually use their head as football, and later wake them up again. I have pictures if you want evidence,” he boasted.

Kwaku Addai concluded he acquired the name Professor Hindu because of his magical powers, which he discovered at the age of 7.

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