Nigerians cannot let this moment go without showing us how weird and marvelous they’re. Below are the pictures of protesters who have done unusual things (that will probably leave you speechless) just to prove how serious they’re with the protest against “Special Anti Robery Squad (SARS).”1. Cooking At The “Protest Ground”

It is not a ceremony where everyone is out to celebrate and also have some food to take, this is just a protest against SARS, why cooking on a highway? I suggest They should’ve done that at home before coming out.

2. Killing Cow

They killed a cow, preparesd it for eat at road without even care they’re in opening place.

3. A Young Man With His Bed And Cooking Utensils

Does this funny young man think the “Protest” will not end soon? He slept 

at the road and brought some other needed tools to a public without even care.

4. A Lady With EndSARS Hair Style

Maybe this lady decided to keep her hair this way until they end SARS completely.

5. EndSARS Cake

Some of the protesters designed a cake with EndSARS and snapped photos with it like it’s someone birthday.

6. Wonder Lady With Her Legs Up

A lady raised her ‘protest sign’ with her legs just to catch fun and to get people’s attention.

Which number above is wierd to you mostly?

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