You will never know what is really going on in other people’s minds. These shows clearly that other drivers don’t care about other road users

1. I wonder if this country has police patrollers on the road

2. Things like this should not have happened in the first place

3. A joy ride may turn in to sorrow very soon

4. This is not right, if one pole falls, it will cause a huge accident

5. Some drivers should only be allowed to drive in rural areas only, because of their carelessness

6. One mistake here, innocent people will loose their lives.

7. In other countries, it is very easy to build a house, especially when you don’t need a truck to load your materials.

8. This is really insane

9. Doing this at night makes more dangerous

10. Eggs are very fragile, which means we might see broken eggs all over the place

11. These passengers so not value their lives at all

12. I just feel sorry for them, because one mistake they will die

13. This is not overload, is madness

14. Ferrying goods on bicycle like this is like commiting suicide

15. The driver of this truck must be arrested on the spot

16. There is no need for tow truck if you can do it by yourself.

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