A serial killer who is nicknamed ‘Lucifer’ has reportedly murdered 48 other inmates while he’s been in prison for the last 25 years.

Marcos Paulo da Silva was only 18 years old when he was first put in prison in 1995, on charges of petty theft – but he soon became known as a violent killer.

Now aged 42, the Brazilian‘s most vicious attack was when he murdered five inmates in one go in 2011. He was incarcerated at Serra Azul Jail in Sao Paulo at the time.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Thanks to his actions, da Silva will die behind bars as his new convictions and sentences total 217 years. He is still yet to be tried for some of his alleged crimes.

He is said to have recently told a judge: “I have no regrets about killing all these people.

“They were rapists and thieves who took advantage of other inmates and robbed them.”

His savage prison history was revealed in a recent report put out by media outlet UOL which was picked up by media in South America and Portugal.

The most bloody attack, which happened at Serra Azul Prison, saw him use a fire extinguisher to knock out his victims.

He then went on to brutally behead them with a home-made knife.

He is reported to have finished killing them, before yelling out: “I love this, there’s so few, I want to kill more prisoners.”
Now, understandably, the amount of prisons that want to take him is dwindling.

Some describe da Silva as leader of a gang of killers set up to murder members of the PCC gang, a powerful criminal group in Brazil’s savage prison system.

He was originally a member of the PCC himself as a teenager, but switched allegiances.

Prison guards told the media outlet that it was a ‘question of time’ before he kills again. They fear the murderer, who is covered in skull, devil and Swastika tattoos will simply kill again when he is transferred to a new prison.

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