In a rather sad but shocking development, a  man from Mhou village under Chief Ndanga died after he was fatally assaulted by his four sons who accused him of using Bluetooth sex ‘mubobobo’  to sexually abuse their wives.

Face of malawi has established from a local publication TellZim that, Patrick(surname not supplied) died after he was severely assaulted by his sons Prosper, Aaron, Evans, and Solomon several times on the head.

The dispute is alleged to have started when the sons were informed by a ‘prophet’ they had consulted that their father was using magical powers commonly known as mubobobo or  Bluetooth to have sex with their wives. The prophet further revealed that their father was the reason why Solomon’s wife had suffered so many miscarriages.

Provoked by their father’s antics, the sons ganged up on their father and assaulted him until he was unconscious. Unfortunately, he died on the spot.

Zaka RDC Ward 1 Councillor Jakatira Makuyana confirmed the incident saying the four sons had reportedly connived to kill their father.

Apparently, this is not the first time he has been accused of using magical power, a close source revealed that on one occasion Patrick admitted to using the juju when he was dragged to the prophet.  He is alleged to have been using his walking stick as a  talisman.

Police in Masvingo also confirmed the death of the man but could not provide further details as they were still investigating the case.

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